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Code of Conduct

As an Actors Cooperative Theatre cast member, I agree to always demonstrate respectful and responsible behavior during all rehearsals, performances, and other events I may participate in as part of the cast.

• I will attend all rehearsals for which I am “called”. If I am unable to attend a rehearsal due to illness or family emergency, I will notify the Stage Manager immediately. I understand that more than three absences may, at the Producer’s discretion, be cause for dismissal from the current production or affect my participation in future productions. Being late to rehearsal three times will count as one absence.

• I will arrive at all rehearsals on time and be prepared to work. I will bring my script and a pencil to every
rehearsal, dress appropriately, and wear proper shoes (no flip-flops or bare feet).

• I will conduct myself in a professional manner and do my best at every rehearsal and performance. I will
avoid any noise or distraction during rehearsals and performances.

• I will respect the rehearsal space and will help to make sure the facilities are clean before leaving.

• I will take good care of any scripts/librettos/rehearsal materials that I am assigned. I will only use light pencil for notes and will erase any markings before returning it. I understand that ACT rents these books and must return them. If I lose or damage my book, I will be responsible for paying the fee as determined by the licensing company.

• I will listen to the Directors, not talk when they are talking, and will follow their directions carefully. I will not try to do the Directors jobs by directing or correcting others.

• I will respect, encourage, and support my fellow cast members. I understand that profanity, name-calling,
inappropriate touching, bullying, or harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

• I will respect the authority of all Staff and Volunteers. I understand that they are responsible for enforcing the Code of Conduct and keeping records of any behavioral issues that may arise.

• I understand that recurring behavioral issues will be escalated to the Board of Directors and addressed by the production team. I further understand that continued behavioral issues could be grounds for removal from the production or prohibition from participating in future productions without refund of membership fees.

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