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Intro to Tap
It's all about the basics! Develop a deep understanding of the fundamentals and basic techniques that go into the art of tap. Students will learn not only the building blocks, but the skills and steps for success!
Boys Musical Theatre Dance
Gain an understanding for dance in all aspects of Musical Theatre, Jazz and Tap! This class will focus on the many styles that feature men, and the skills they will need to execute successfully! Build confidence in the art of dance! Aspects of singing and acting while dancing will be incorporated.
Musical Theatre Dance
Explore all the different styles of dance that musical theatre can throw your way! Get a well rounded understanding of the fundamentals, as well as the technique that will transcend to all different styles of music. Styles including, but not limited to, Jazz, Hip Hop, Classical, and Modern. Aspects of singing and acting while dancing will be incorporated.
Acting Lab
Explore the depths of finding a character through diving into the script, building new worlds and exploring new ways to express stories. Dig in to the brain of character, their physical movement, how they act and react as well as why they are the way they are. Learn to make them your own, to set yourself apart and give unique and well informed life to your character!
Young Director Workshop
Explore directing, music directing, stage management, and all creative aspects that go into every production. Dive into how to prepare, interpret a show, and the basics of collaboration with other designers, as well as performers. Explore Set Design, Props, Costumes, Stage Makeup, Lights and Sound. The more you know about what creates the show around you the better performer you can be. Everyone will get a chance to try each aspect to see what may lead to further interest.